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My Own Thoughts

Take them as you will.

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"I am not a human being having a spiritual experience. I'm a spiritual being having a human experience."--author unknown

"They say a person doesn't know how strong they are until their limits are pushed. It's surprising what you can achieve if you just believe in your own inner strength." ~ Jess L. Cochran (me!)

My fellow Terrans. I have an announcement to make.

I have been crippled with the illness of free thought. I am disabled with an unhindered mind. I am outcasted because I do not accept the social norm. I choose to find the truth behind the truth and insist on asking “Why?” I never realized before how uncommon this is. Looking back on my life I can see that I never accepted something “just because.” That is what caused me to try and find the answers for myself while my peers were content to just sit back and accept what they were told.

I refuse to be an automaton. Although, in my past there were times I can remember finding myself doing or behaving a certain way because it was “acceptable” or accepting the advice of an “expert” because I thought that was the way it was supposed to be. I found myself bowing down to the will of those who were “superior” in knowledge or ability. Fearful of trying to do what I instinctively knew was better. The result was always a horrendous disaster.

Through the chaos I found reason. Lessons I needed to learn. Without them I would never have found myself on the path I now walk. It is a path that is both enlightening and sinister. At times I feel I walk in darkness all alone. There are few who choose to be for themselves. To think for themselves. To do for themselves. Those who do find themselves as I do. Sometimes afraid but always pressing on, refusing to allow our fears, doubts, and desires to cloud our judgment.

There are so many aspects of society that is usually accepted without question. We accept them because our parents accepted them and so did their parents. We are taught at a young age that these things are what must be and anything else is insanity. Well then, my friends…I am insane. I cannot allow myself to do things just because it’s what everyone else does or because it’s what we were taught was the only right way to do it. I have learned over and over that we can be our own experts. We can be our own teachers, our own doctors, our own spiritual advisors. We can think for ourselves and determine ourselves what is right and what is wrong. What is truth and what are lies. We are our own experts. We don’t need any other.

I have chosen to research for myself anything I feel to be amiss. I’m sorry to say the fearful fact that most of what I was raised to believe as “normal” and “good” and “safe” are actually more harmful and negative than I ever imagined before. Sometimes, it’s downright dangerous.

I am my children's teacher

I am my own doctor

I am my own fashion consultant

I am my own midwife

I am my own spiritual adviser

What to expect from my journal

This journal is sometimes quite boring because, well, my life isn’t a Jackie Chan adventure. I use my journal to basically write about what I'm feeling. Writing has always been therapeutic for me. After I write about it I can sometimes deal just a little bit better. So, my posts tend to be about a lot of different things, mostly dealing with MY life. You'll find posts on my children, boring housewife stuff, posts on the metaphysical, rants about stuff that annoys me, and basically stuff on whatever I find interesting. I should warn you, whenever there is something new in my life I tend to write about it...a lot!!! If you don't like it...tough.

PLEASE READ: There is an aspect of this journal you should be aware of before reading it. Please read this FAQ.

I Love Someone With Autism

Websites written by me:

Enchanted Doorway
Basically, a site about metaphysics, spirituality, and other such stuff.

Our Cochran Family
My homepage for my family. Mostly it's an online photo album but that may change as I'm running out of room.

Art by Jessica Cochran
My art site.

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