Jessica (amethystrse) wrote,

It's Spirit Time!

I want to do more for my body, mind, and soul. I've had a lot of spiritual and metaphysical events happen recently. I feel an strong urge to be more spiritual as a result. I want to meditate more, journey and speak with the spirits more, and do ritual more often. I want to cleanse my soul/spirit of any negative energy and influences. I want to eat pure food, not GMO or chemically processed junk. I want to exercise and keep my body fit and strong. And for my mind, relaxation and being around good friends.

I know it sounds like a lot but really it's not. I'm already eating mostly vegan/vegetarian. I'm about 60% raw vegan at the moment. I already meditate once in a while, I just feel I should do it more often.

What started this? Well for one my health has been in decline the more I eat unhealthy. I've found that when I'm raw a great deal of mental and physical health issues go right out the window. I've found that when I meditate often I'm calmer and more able to handle daily stress.

Also, recently I had a good look at my altar. It's so full of dust. I need to definitely take better care of my ritual tools and altar.

I just feel like I'm becoming complacent. I'm not really doing much with my own personal spirituality. I'm not eating the best (though I have been mostly raw for 2 weeks...but occasionally I'm having junk which defeats the purpose).

I feel like I'm walking down a path that is a little split. If I go one way I'll go down a road that will eventually lead to self-harm or suicide. If I go down the other way I'll find myself on a more healthy path where in the end I'll be happy, safe, and vibrant. Then there's the middle road which at any moment can branch off to one of the other two. Might as well choose the right one. :)
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