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So much for that...

Sorry I haven't been on here much guys. Life has been hectic. Started a business that I'm already thinking of closing (long story...maybe later). The kids are out of school and driving me NUTS. Lots of stuff. But today, I'm going to post about my art...because it's on my mind and it is 5 am....

Late last year I was given the opportunity to draw for a comic. I eventually declined because my drawing from my head is well...it leaves much to be desired. Then for a while, I couldn't draw anything. Well, maybe "couldn't" is a bit of a stretch. I just felt blocked and couldn't bring myself to even pick up a pencil.

Lately I've been drawing again. YAY! As usual, my drawings from photographs are great. My drawings from my head...not so much. I don't get it but whatever. I still want to do a comic. Maybe not the one I was going to do but one of my own instead.

I have it all figured out. The book I wrote years ago is going to be turned into a comic. Now all I need is to draw it. Simple, right? WRONG! I've gotten OK with drawing women. Not quite where I want to be yet, there's a lot that my drawing leaves to be desired. But OK to the point where I can see the potential. But my men? UGH!!! They look horrid!

I know, everyone says that it takes practice. I get that. I just don't understand how I could go from one extreme to the other with my artwork. It's as if I'm missing something fundamental that no one is able to tell me about. Really annoying at best.

Now that I got that little pitty party out of my system I think I'll go draw some men. *sigh*


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Jul. 11th, 2012 02:02 pm (UTC)
I feel like I haven't been around much either though I do try to check in everyday. I've just been working so much lately that I feel like that's all that I do. :P

I'm glad to hear you're drawing again. Another friend of mine has gotten back into her art as well--there must be a creative bug going around and infecting people XD

Try not to expect perfection when you do the intitial drawing--just let whatever's in your mind come through your pencil. Don't think, just let it flow.
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